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A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Escorting Eric is Rob Radcliffe’s hugely anticipated sequel to debut novel Meat Market, and this time it is Stu’s turn to tell the story.

Stu’s best mate Greg has just been dumped, and Stu has taken it upon himself to show Greg the way back to singledom,

This is Stu’s calling.

The professional male escort has found a protege to mentor.  Stu though has a secret, like juggling his work escorting women all over the globe while trying to keep his bride to be happy, a bride to be who has no idea what he does for a living.


CHECKING OUT novella series…




Things aren’t going well for Rob.

Stuck with a girl he loathes, in a town he hates, he is lost.

He needs to get out, he needs something more.

It’s time for Rob to check out of the world he has lived in all his life and venture into the unknown.

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South Africa.

A third world country.

A complete culture shock.

In this second instalment of Rob’s adventure, he finds himself lost in translation…

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In the third part of Rob’s travels he heads home for Christmas.

Once back he realizes maybe he shouldn’t have drunk quite so much on his first night out…

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Back from Christmas in the U.K, Cape Town beckons, a place Rob now feels he belongs.  In the concluding part of this tale Rob takes you on a no holds barred look at life, love, birthdays, weddings, funerals and even more braais, all beneath that South African sun.

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The Divine Chronicles ~ BOOK ONE

There have been whispers down the ages of men untouched by time. Able to speak any language, fit into any society, disappearing and reappearing centuries later…the divine.

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Meat Market

Reluctant Lothario, Unsociable Chameleon, Newly Single.

Left jobless, womanless, and even dogless, Greg finds himself at a crossroads in his life.

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The Race

Four guys, eight days, and one Greek island.

Bradz, Smooth-B, Party-Boy and Dan all head out for some fun in the sun with a twist.

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Meet the BARMAN, always smiling behind that bar, eager to please.  He has no past, no future, perpetually in the present waiting to serve…

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authorbackcoverRob Radcliffe was born and raised in Lancashire, England. He is a fiction author and novelist, and newly formed bloggist (it’s catchier than blogger).  He spends the majority of his days with his head in the clouds, sometimes coming back down to earth just long enough to turn those daydreams into stories by actually writing them down.

Rob writes across several genres, ‘lad’ lit (which would be chick-lit’s naughty younger brother), thrillers, and sci-fi.

Despite his appearance in his head shot, Rob does come in colour…and usually with both ears.

Rob’s books are a mixture of coming of age testosterone, action, humour and general silliness. A great place to start would be at the beginning of each book, he feels they work better that way.

For up to date news and release dates of his upcoming books, sign up to his Reader’s Group above. There he promises not to refer to himself in the third-person like he has here.

Alternatively you can drop him a line using the contact form below.

Happy reading folks!


Read Rob’s regularly updated blog for news on new releases, competitions, offers and appearances.

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