I love barbecuing, or braaiing as I still refer to it, and if you have read my Checking Out novella series you will know this to be true.

So imagine my complete disgust when, upon waking up to a brief day of sunshine and heading off down to the local supermarket for charcoal and meat, I discover the barbecue nazi police fucks have done away with all the charcoal and meat packs, and in their place is kids school uniforms.  Now, I don’t know about you but I highly doubt a couple of rolls of socks and charcoal grey pinafore (despite having charcoal in the name) will produce the kind of heat I’d need to cook the steak pack I can’t find because it’s ‘seasonal’.  Since when did cows, and especially dead cows, become seasonal?

‘Well it is September Rob,’  I can hear you thinking, but don’t bother.  I am more than well aware what month we are now in.  It is the month where the little life sappers now have to be somewhere at nine o’clock every morning, and so simply throwing them my phone to play on the ten million games they have downloaded so I can get another twenty minutes sleep, simply isn’t an option anymore.

It certainly is September ladies and gentlemen and to celebrate the passing of another month I’m having a rant because my braai is now off the menu and I have to be up early every morning for school even though I finished school in the late 90s.

Unable to write today because I’ve hit a bit of a road block and I needed to sort a few none writing things out, I thought I’d stop by the local pub for a cheeky pint and a think about where I’m going with my latest novel.  Upon receiving said pint I turn away from the bar to be faced with a Christmas display table.  After the initial ‘what the fuck?’ to myself I approached what must have been either a really late April fool prank, or a really early one, and discovered it was no such thing.

Yep, even though I have just had autumn thrust upon me, it now appears in the space of a day or so winter and Christmas is here and my local is advertising Christmas dinner bookings…because you do at the beginning of September right?

Anyway, stick with me, there is a point to all this and here it is…in the spirit of new beginnings I decided to come home and try and fix something which is been bugging me for a while, and that is my debut novel MEAT MARKET‘s front cover.  If you haven’t yet read it then as of sometime today you will not have to suffer the tired old strange looking thing which was the front cover because now it has a new sparkly strange looking thing.

Being a full time dad and having a full time job while half way through writing a novel and 3/5 of the way through editing a novella series it is difficult to find the time to kick back and relax.  I suppose, like the seasons, I should chill out a bit because hey, it’ll soon be Christmas and everyone loves Christmas.  Unless of course you plan to have beef on Christmas day, because apparently cows are seasonal.  I must mention this to the staff at my local pub next time I’m in.  Wouldn’t want their bloody September Christmas bookings to be ruined.

Happy holidays to all, only another quarter of the year to go!